"Can a localised product or system work to both liberate our environment of post consumer plastic and change the way consumers perceive plastic?" 

In short, yes.

Through my research and material experimentation I believe that it is possible to utilize the plastic found within our environment by working together with local clean up groups to transform it into something that has value and resonates with consumers. It however comes with many challenges I hope to resolve in the future, as this topic and project are essential to how I as a local, small scale designer/maker can make a positive impact to our environment with my craft. 

    The response and support I have had surrounding this project has also been encouraging and shows me that my local community are willing to get behind the system and future product. 


    • I would like to invest in designing and fabricating machinery to help me streamline the sorting, shredding and melting process and up my production
    • Have set methods for melting with examples of each finish and pattern.
    • Produce a product/s that educate consumers and carries the story of the material process


    Find my final presentation PDF here.