This is a general review of how plastic is collected, separated and processed into plastic pellets ready for use in new products. By understanding a large scale industrial recycling system, will assist me in creating a space on a small scale to sort and process the plastic,


Fig 1. Sorting Your Recycling. Planet Arc (2013). video.

In Australia most city councils have a waste management program that collects both general and recycled waste. The video below explains how the recycled waste is sorted, once collected from our kerb side and then sorted into recycled waste categories.


Depending on the recycling facility, automated plastic sorting machines, have the ability to shoot light through plastic pieces to identify and sort into categories 1 through 7 which are then collected into bales.


Fig 1. Material processing at Eco-plastic & Recycling Ltd.. EcoParTV (2013). video.

The bales are then bought and sent to companies that remelt the plastic down and process into plastic pellets to be used in products once again (see fig.4).