Fig 1. Dave Hakkens. 2016. Precious Plastics. Video.

Precious Plastics (see Fig 1.) have produced opened sourced, low tech machinery that breaks down plastic goods for redesign on a small-scale level. This approach can be applied worldwide to utilize plastics found within the environment to create beneficial and useful objects. The application of this small-scale production is particularly beneficial for designers and artist. Injecting this perceived valueless material into handcrafted objects will ultimately impart a strong relationship between object and person. The small-scale factory also benefits developing countries that don't have established municipal waste management. Where waste is currently choking the environment, the plastic can become a free resource that creates revenue, creates practical goods for locals and intern cleans up the environment. The addition of a small-scale factory like this into a community could inspire people to either bring in their own waste plastic or free it from the environment.