Moreno, Mariale. “A conceptual Framework for Circular Design” Sustainability 8, no.9 (2016): 937, doi:10.3390/su8090937.

This paper also recognizes the limitations of circular economy literature in that they provide little guidance for practical applications for new circular business models. The paper thus develops a conceptual framework for circular economy design strategies by linking current literature on Design for Sustainability and circular business models. This paper discusses the usefulness of linking Design for Sustainability with circular design literature due to its practical implications in informing how circular design can work. The paper directly maps out a conceptual framework to inform practitioners in circular applications. This paper is an important resource to inform, not only to my research into different practitioners allowing me to classify their circular systems and their benefits, but also to my future experimentation. This paper concludes that circular design economies are realistic in implementing a restorative resource flow and provides a solution to the pandemic overflow of post-consumer waste into our environment.